Hello and welcome. I’m Tim, and I am a Software Developer in QA. I specialize in test automation development, with a focus on team enablement and maturation. This equates not only to putting the right tools, process, and people into place, but also getting outside the box to help solve the testing challenges presented by an application. I work to bring automation teams online, make them operational, and quickly adding value to both the testing efforts and general product quality.

My primary area of interest is teams that are either starting out or overhauling existing QA or test automation efforts.

I am also the creator and maintainer of Qadenz, a Java-based test automation library built around Selenium and TestNG that takes the heavy lifting out of automation development and allow teams to focus instead on rapid creation of automated tests.

Check out my other projects or one of my blog posts.

The best way to contact me currently is via direct message at either Hearty or LinkedIn (just until I get a contact form working on this site).

Thanks for visiting.